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    Terri Helm-Remund, MN, RN, NCSN

    Photo of Nurse Terri

    I have been a school nurse in Seattle Public Schools since 1988. I have enjoyed many different assignments, and have now been at West Seattle Elementary School since 2007.

    After graduating from Humboldt State University in 1977 with a BSN I spent the next few years trying out different areas of nursing. In 2003 I completed a Masters in Nursing from the University of Washington in a program called Family Centered Pediatrics. I am a Nationally Certified School Nurse.

    At home there is my husband, Allan, daughter Darcy and her two children Shane (3) and Clara (6 months). Busy and rewarding! I have many interests including hiking, gardening, and creating art. For the past few years I have been worked after school with West Seattle Elementary School students making public mosaics. You can see samples of our work on the planter boxes outside the school and on the stairway at the entrance.