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    Change in Immunization Record Keeping
    Posted on 05/05/2017

    Dear Parent or Guardian,

    Our school district values the health of our students. We follow state laws to ensure students are up-to-date with required vaccines, so they are protected from diseases and come ready to learn. We are updating the way we keep track of vaccination records. We are now using an online immunization system called the School Module, which is created by the Washington State Department of Health. This system allows us to view your child’s immunization record quickly and efficiently and determine if your child has all the vaccines required for school.

    If your child was born and vaccinated in Washington, your child’s records are already in the state system, which is one of the reasons for the recordkeeping change. You can access these records at any time by registering for MyIR, at

    These are some of the benefits of changing our practice:

    • Less staff time spent on managing and searching student immunization records
    • Quicker follow up with you and your child for incomplete immunization records
    • More accurate records

    As we move to this new recordkeeping system, the school nurse may ask you for additional information about your child’s immunization dates. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the school nurse at your child’s school.

    Thank you for your time.

    Marie Zahner DeBell MN RN NCSN
    Manager Health Services SPS

    Terri Helm-Remund, MN, RN, NCSN
    School Nurse, West Seattle Elementary School