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    West Seattle Elementary students are always growing as readers! We use the Reader's Workshop model for reading instruction. The Reader's Workshop model emphasizes a variety of research-based strategies to give students the tools they need to become great readers.

    Our major emphasis is to give students the higher-level thinking skills that all proficient readers use when they read a text. Individual conferencing and assessment are built into our reading program so that every student's learning needs are met. In addition to our school lending library of over 10,000 volumes, each classroom has a leveled classroom library with a variety of books for students to enjoy.

    English language learners are supported by our bilingual instruction team and all students and teachers benefit from our full-time reading coach.

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    Math skills are a top priority for every student at West Seattle Elementary. We use a variety of math instruction methods with the goal of making every student proficient at math.

    Student progress in consistently monitored and teaching strategies are adjusted to address areas of need.

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    West Seattle Elementary focuses on theme-based, hands-on science units. Each grade level studies several units during the school year. Study areas include fabrics, rocks and minerals, organisms,circuits and pathways, ecosystems, soils, microworlds and many more.

    In addition to our regular science curriculum, intermediate students participate in the Salmon in the Schools program, which allows students to raise salmon from eggs. During the rearing process, students explore issues such as water ph, temperature and quality, the stages of salmon development and the life cycle of our native salmon species.

    Another way intermediate students study local ecology is through a four-day long camping trip to Islandwood, a 255 square acre outdoor learning center. Students are immersed in an exciting curriculum that emphasizes ecosystem science.

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    Head Start

    Head Start is a Federal program that promotes school readiness for children ages 3 to 5 by enhancing their cognitive, social and emotional development. Head Start works to support healthy families that are actively involved and engaged. Children and families receive services and education in the areas of health/nutrition, family support, social emotional development and parenting.

    To learn more about our programs or to enroll your child, please contact us at 206-252-0972.

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