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    Attendance news for January and February 2018
    Posted on 02/14/2018

    Congratulations to the following classrooms for exemplary attendance in January and February! Keep up the good work!

    The January popsicle party attendance winner was room 115, Mr. Hussein’s class. 

    The weekly attendance winners for the week of Feb 5 to the 9th were:

    • 1st Place:  Ms. Mills room 101
    • 2nd place:  Ms. Rogers room 114
    • 3rd place:  Three way Tie  -  Mrs. Raymond room 8, - Mr. Hussein room 115 and  - Mr. Joseph room P-1

    For the week of Feb 12-16:

    First place tie between Ms. Mills room 101 and Mrs. Raymond 8

    Second place:  Ms. Ory room 6

    Third place:  Mr. Joseph P-1